Welcome to South Cornwall, and the quiet village of Ceffylgwyn — a place that means the world to American Julianne Morgen, its newest arrival!  Her dream job of being an event planner transplanted her from the heart of Seattle into a place like no other, where she encounters new friends, new challenges, and a chance for love, in the form of the handsome, quiet gardener Matthew Rose ... a Poldark look-alike whose past — and passionate nature — continues to surprise her.

With kindhearted Lord William, lively Lady Amanda, boy-crazy Pippa and Gemma, and the no-nonsense cook Dinah surrounding her at the stately Cliffs House manor and guiding her through her new life in England, there's no way things can go wrong for Julianne...or is there?

Experience the village and characters of the best-selling U.K. romance series that readers are calling 'charming' and 'delightful'!